The perfect experience in log processing
 LPR-80P Log Lathe Milling Machine
The New Generation 2015 of LPR-80P Launched
Improved design for quick log loading;
Improved structure for higher rigidity and stability while processing giant logs of weight over 800 kg;
Magnetic linear measurements for the most direct, precise and quick positioning of the top vertical spindle;
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LPR-80P Log Lathe Milling Machine

The Reliable and Flexible Solution to the Log Home Manufacturing Industry

Log Home Center LPR-80P for the production of round logs, D logs, Swedish cope profile, Tongue and Groove profile, saddle notches...
  • Finish All Works on One Machine by One-Time Loading. Round logs or D logs, Swedish cope or Tongue and Groove profiles, or any other complicated profiles, LPR-80P ensures you easily handle the ever-changing demands of your customers.
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  • No Preliminary Processing Works is Required for the Raw Log, even if the raw log is heavily crooked and has the bark. No mattter it is a green log or dry log, just load it and start!
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  • Super Working Precision of 0.2 mm in Full Length, ensuring the on-site assembling of log homes quick, easy and accurate. No more time-consuming alignment works or troublesome gaps left between logs. Just simply stack the logs up, and the perfect straightness and perpendicularity is guaranteed.   
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  • Incomparably Smooth Surface Quality. No dents or cutting marks left on the log. Super precision spindles speed up to 5,000 RPM, ensuring the best surface quality for painting/oiling directly.
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  • Quick Change of Tools, requiring no adjustment works.

  • Robust Construction for years of trouble-free operation under heavy load. Built for the maximum reliability for multiple shift operation under heavy load.



                                Finish all profiles by one machine


LPR-80P Running all over the world