The perfect experience in log processing
SHING MATIC - The Full Solution to Wooden Home Industry

LPR-80P Log Lathe Milling Machine

The Reliable and Flexible Solution to the Log Home Manufacturing Industry

Log Home Center LPR-80P for the production of round logs, D logs, Swedish cope profile, Tongue and Groove profile, saddle notches...
  • Finish All Works on One Machine by One-Time Loading. Round logs or D logs, Swedish cope or Tongue and Groove profiles, or any other complicated profiles, LPR-80P ensures you easily handle the ever-changing demands of your customers.
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  • No Preliminary Processing Works is Required for the Raw Log, even if the raw log is heavily crooked and has the bark. No mattter it is a green log or dry log, just load it and start!
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  • Super Working Precision of 0.2 mm in Full Length, ensuring the on-site assembling of log homes quick, easy and accurate. No more time-consuming alignment works or troublesome gaps left between logs. Just simply stack the logs up, and the perfect straightness and perpendicularity is guaranteed.   
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  • Incomparably Smooth Surface Quality. No dents or cutting marks left on the log. Super precision spindles speed up to 5,000 RPM, ensuring the best surface quality for painting/oiling directly.
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  • Quick Change of Tools, requiring no adjustment works.

  • Robust Construction for years of trouble-free operation under heavy load. Built for the maximum reliability for multiple shift operation under heavy load.



                                Finish all profiles by one machine


TimberLine - Shing Matic Four-side Moulders

Powerful Solution to Timber Processing and Wood Floor Production

TimberLine Four-side Moulders for the production of wooden walls and floors.

Powerful milling and feed performance for four sides milling/profiling at a speed up to 30 m/min.
Starting from FM16 series to FM40 series, with working width up to 400 mm, working height up to 300 mm.
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Wood Waste Management - Recycling
- Wood chips and pellets production

We provide a full solution to wood waste recyling, including wood chippers, grinders, pelleting machines, automatic conveyor systems and packing systems, from small lines of pellets output 300 kg per hour to giant lines of pellets output over 6,000 kg per hour. We provide a turn-key solution starting from factory layout planning to the final turn-key project. (click here)